Saturday, 2 July 2016

Sneakers & Silks.

I've always been a lover of layering, and it was never an issue in England's colder climates. However, the humidity in Asia has definitely posed a challenge in the wardrobe department. To my dismay, a lot of things were put away in storage, nonetheless this came hand in hand with a silver lining... shopping for new necessities! 

This silk dress is a very unassuming piece with no prints patterns or arguably, even colours, however the beauty lies within the simplicity and movement of the fabric. With numerous slits up the skirt, this piece can be worn with shorts, jeans or skirts underneath. Pairing with a pencil skirt over allows a contrast to peek through at the ends, adding a mermaid (fishtail) effect to the silhouette. 

With the exception of converses, my footwear selection would seldom sway towards the sneaker spectrum. However, with the sport luxe trend making frequent reappearances these past few years, I've definitely found a new alignment. 

The Adidas Stan Smith's have been a crowd favourite for many seasons and it really comes as no surprise - to date, I have yet to come across someone that isn't totally rocking it! Despite lusting over them, and many opportunities, I never got round to purchase myself a pair. In a spontaneous reunion / shopping trip with a beloved friend I found myself with a pair of Burberry sneakers. Similar to the Stan Smith's with a contrast detailing on the heel, these were more slim fit and sleek in design, I was sold!  

 Thoughts on a feminine flair and mismatched pairings?

Until next time!


H&M blouse dress. Fendi skirt. Burberry sneakers. Longines 'Conquest' watch. Chanel pouch. CĂ©line sunglasses.


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