Sunday, 17 April 2016

By The Way.

Not one to normally go for anything with images or graphics, I was oddly drawn to this jumper whilst roaming the streets of Taipei. Purchased from a small unassuming street stall, the quality is better than one would expect; the soft fleece lining made it a go-to piece for the colder months. 

Over time, I've become quite attached to the 'cool dude' appliqued on the front, it's the perfect balance of quirky and cool for my minimalist palette. Adding to that laissez faire vibe, I paired with some bleached distressed boyfriend jeans and these iconic stunners from Aquazzura. 

Due to the overall monotonous colour scheme, this Fendi was the perfect accent; named 'By The Way', I love how versatile the piece is.

Check out the recent runway editions, the floral embellishments are to die for

Until next time!



Friday, 1 April 2016

Pastel Blooms.

Despite being partial to particular nude & neutral palettes, pink has never been my go to.
Post Summer, a perpetual blanket of blistering heat, I felt confident that a thick knitwear piece would be sufficient for my first Winter in Hong Kong... I was proven very wrong. 

Being a sucker for textures and quality I was adamant on investing in a cashmere coat. After scouring the market, I finally managed to source this piece directly from a *manufacturer (with the help of my amazing friend!) 

Not surprisingly the cooler climate didn't stick around and I didn't get much wear from my purchase. However I was very excited to discover the weather in Japan was much cooler, let the layering commence! 

Experimenting with colours isn't my strongest forté, so sticking to my safety net, black was my best friend. The sleeveless knit features eyelets and lace-up trimming on both sides, paired with my much loved slippers and Chanel clutch and I was good to go for a day of strolling through quaint neighbourhoods, galleries & cafes. 
(oh the clichés)

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*you can get amazing deals by purchasing from manufacturers directly, it cuts out the middle-man thus cutting the costs. I'm very fortunate that there are certain places easily accessible to me over here. I've heard that Korea is even better in this aspect and I'm very excited to see for myself come June, stay posted for an update!

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