Friday, 26 June 2015

Chrome Heart

Adding a statement necklace to a simplistic look is no new styling trick, despite it being a consistent popular go to, there are few on the high street quite as eye catching as this piece from Lita Jewellery. For costume jewellery, the price point is higher than your average, but there is a more cost effective method to achieving a similar look. 

Step 1. Purchase (or use what you've already got!) a couple of statement necklaces.
Step 2. Play around with different chain thicknesses or designs, tailor to your own preference.
Step 3. Lay them out on a flat surface and 'layer' them on top of each other until you are satisfied with the outcome.
Step 4. Get handy with some pliers and tweezers! 

I know visuals are always the easiest explanations, so I've found this amazing tutorial for you guys and I hope it helps! 

I've previously mentioned Lita Jewellery, but there are other options in this category. Whilst doing a little research I've stumbled across some insanely talented people on Etsy, if you're considering an investment, it's always best to do thorough research on what's available. It's the worst when you've made a purchase and go on to find something even better, and with a much wider selection you can window shop to your heart's content!

The undisputed Queen of statement necklaces: DYLANLEX 

With the necklace being such a strong focal point, I didn't want to draw any attention away from the intricate detailing. Less is more, is a mantra that can do you no wrong, with my watch and classic tote in tow, I kept everything else to a bare minimum. Knowing the day would be spent walking around London's cobbled streets, practicality overruled my desire to wear heels. Thankfully my sister is the same size as me and these Nike Sky Dunks were the perfect compromise; a hidden wedge gave me the much needed height boost and the grey suede set off the other chrome details to perfection. 

How would you wear your statement necklace? Share with me on instagram! 



Sunday, 21 June 2015

Columbia Road

Come every Sunday, Columbia road bursts into life with a vibrancy like none other; this quaint little 'tradition' has been around since the Victorian era and has been flourishing since! Stall owners are constantly shouting for your attention, their voices are coarse and strained, but an element of richness lies within, and their words are novel on the ears. Just as the flowers are tightly packed to the point of overflow, this street is bustling with bodies from tourists and locals alike; with the flowers so fresh and affordable it's borderline ridiculous. 

My Purchases
20 Champagne Roses : £5
2 Bunches of Pink Peonies, 1 Bunch of White Jasmine: £10

I wish I could've bought more, but with a train to catch and luggage to juggle I had to be practical. Absorbing every aspect of my surroundings I cued a My Fair Lady moment in my mind and said my goodbyes. 


Friday, 5 June 2015


Stripping back to basics is the easiest way to rediscover your style, slowly introduce colour, prints and patterns and see what works best with your personality. The term 'basics' is broad terminology used by many, it can often be perceived as boring and bland, but that's just first impressions. 

Although we're in the summer months I'm still really into high necklines, I'm finding it's an easy transitional trend to incorporate into this season. At first glance this look is just an average monochrome basics, but change your perspective and it's another story...

 One of my greatest weaknesses are backless pieces, there's just something about that subtle skin exposure I find really eye catching and sexy. It adds a completely different dimension to the whole look and contrasts nicely with the high neckline. When wearing high neckline pieces, try tucking your hair into the top or pinning it up, this will pull focus and give a fresh, clean cut feel. Accessorise how you will, make it a statement or keep it dainty, it's your call! 

How would you go about injecting fresh perspective in a basics look? Share with me on instagram! 

Much love

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