Monday, 25 May 2015

Touch of Tangerine

Going monochrome is the easiest way to look put together and sophisticated however it's a hard habit to stop yourself reaching for the easy black and white pieces. It comes as no surprise that I'm not a big fan of colour, regularly opting for neutral and muted tones above all. However, having colour pieces are a great way to break up a look and this time round I've placed the colour focus on my shoes, combined with the suede texture, the rich tangerine colour is set off to perfection. Espadrilles are an easy Spring/Summer shoe choice, it adds a relaxed element to the whole look making it an easy everyday outfit; perfect for those busy errand days! 

Fruit markets are one of the many notorious features of Hong Kong, they're colourful and bursting with life! It's a stark contrast to the supermarkets back in England, but I always visit these place with fond childhood memories. The vivid colours are certainly eye-catching and reminds me of the colour pop of my espadrilles. Here are some of my current favourites for that pop of colour ...

How would you go about incorporating colour into your look? Tag me on instagram I'd love to see your interpretations! 

Much love 

Topshop Blazer (similar). H&M Jersey Tee. Topshop Leigh Jeans. Viva Circus Espadrilles (Similar: Celine & Soludos). 


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

British Basic

The trench coat is an iconic piece from Burberry and is a true symbol of British style; and all this can be accredited to Thomas Burberry. In the 1870's Thomas Burberry created Gabardine, a unique wool material that was durable and water resistant, but allowed for ventilation due to the porous composition. Whilst many brands and designs boast of a history, non is comparable to the trench coat; due to it's properties the garment was ideal for harsh conditions, Fashion Houses Burberry & Aquascutum both manufactured in WWI and WWII specifically for military use. Post war, surplus garments were distributed for civilian use; the trench quickly became popular among men and women for it's function & style. Spotted on Humphrey Bogart on the final scenes of Casablanca and Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, these two style icons instantly changed the public's perception of the trench as a practical and functional piece, associating it more with class, sophistication & grace. Adding to the symbolism of British style, Prince Charles & Diana were spotted on numerous public outings sporting his & hers coats. 

With such a backstory behind this garment, every time I see or wear a trench these are the immediate connotations and connections I make in my mind. Over the years, the trench has adapted to social trends, but the foundations have stayed the same. Features such as the double-breasted, raglan sleeves, wrist belts, storm flaps and D-rings are retained in modern designs. 

The trench is a great transitional piece during the seasonal overlaps, it is a statement in itself and doesn't need any fancy accessories or styling. With the sharp tailoring and clean cut edges I decided to keep things simple and leave it all down to the trench. Being quite a sophisticated piece I decided to pair it with a crisp white crepe cropped-top to add a splash of youth into the outfit, black jeans are just an easy go-to it would've worked equally well with raw denim. The rich tan suede boots set off the sandy tones in the trench nicely, I'm all about that colour palette! 

I can honestly say a good trench is worthy investment, it doesn't matter on the slight style alterations it will always be a great transitional classic piece and the added features will only be an added highlight to the current trends of that time. I've been very aware of the Burberry brand from a young age, I have fond memories of my mum sporting a full length navy piece during my childhood, I believe to this day she still has it and wears it now and again. With it being such an iconic piece you can get similar styles from an array of high street brands, no need to break the bank! My personal faves are the following...

The way in which you wear a trench can set the tone of your outfit, keeping the sleeves down and unbuttoned is relaxed sophistication. I personally like to roll the sleeves up, I love the ruched effect and the dimensional quality it adds. Utilising the belt, I pull it to the back and tie, this gives a more tailored effect, cinching in at the waist. In colder climates I would button it up and turn up the collar to block off the wind, this styling is normally reserved for the British weather! All in all, it really is a great versatile piece that I urge you to make space for in your wardrobe. The styling possibilities are endless and it's such an easy way to polish up. How would you wear it? Which is your favourite style? Tag me on instagram, I'd love to see your interpretations! 

Much love 


Sunday, 3 May 2015

Neutral Love

Neutral tones have always been a staple favourite of mine on the colour charts; they're universally compatible with all skin tones with the variance in shades so there's always something for everyone! Grey has been exceedingly popular in the past and is making a comeback again this season. It's a great colour and by playing with textures and tailoring you can alter the feel and concept of an outfit. 

As usual I've gone for casual vibes, I just can't bring myself to play with layering and tailoring in this humidity! This drape blouse can be found from Topshop in a variety of colours. Last season this was also a very popular style, but was featured in a heavier chiffon-type fabric. The best way to describe this material is really really fine linen, almost silk like. The draping is effortlessly chic and easy to dress up or down, you could make use of the plunging v-neck by pairing with a harness or lace bralet peeping through. The shorts are past season H&M, but grey is a popular colour this season so there are lots to choose from on the high street, I'll link some similar styles down below! I'm loving the contrast in textures between the blouse and the shorts, it prevents the outfit from being 'flat' and plays off each other well.

The Chloé scalloped flats are everywhere! They're all over Tumblr, Pintrest and Instagram, and have been spotted on numerous celebrities and bloggers alike; they're a popular choice with everyone this season and it's easy to see why. They come in a range of shades, so you can choose based on your personal preferences and the scalloped trim edging just adds that tiniest bit of detailing that sets them apart from being another pair of ballet flats. Although I really like these shoes from Chloé, I'm just not a ballet flats kinda girl and don't see myself getting much wear out of them. I am undeniably in love with the nude leather and scalloped edging and was really excited when I came across these flats from ASOS, they come with an ankle strap but you can easily just slide them out. They're a great alternative if you're like me and just fancy them on the off chance. 

This look is easy to replicate and manipulate with your own personal style twists. I'd love to know how you guys recreate this! 
Finishing off with some Teriyaki Chicken Noodles and Chilli Chicken 

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