Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Skin Care Regime


I'm originally from the countryside, so when I moved to the city for university my skin was not use to the harsh pollutants in the air causing my skin to break out. I've been using the Clarisonic for 3 years now and have come to adopt it into my daily skincare regime. I have sensitive/combination skin and found that using the 'deep pore' cleansing brush was too harsh on for everyday morning use. I now use the cashmere cleanse facial brush in the morning and the deep pore cleansing brush in the evening for a deeper cleanse. 

If I've been wearing make-up during the day I'll remove with these 'in transit no traces' facial pads from thisworks before using my Clarisonic. These have been perfect with my recent frequent flying, it doesn't count as a liquid so falls in compliance with the under 100ml regulation, and i don't need to carry separate cotton pads! They are rosewater and mint infused pads and have been perfect for my sensitive skin. Rose properties are gentle and moisturising, but generally will not over-stimulate the skin to result a break out. The mint isn't very noticeable in terms of scent, but leaves a gently  refreshing tingle after use.  

My current favourite cleanser is this 'soy face cleanser' from fresh. It's a gel consistency and has no fragrance. I really like this product because it's gentle on my skin, but I can feel it doing a thorough job of removing all the impurities build up hand in hand with the Clarisonic. After cleansing, my skin feels soft and nourished and most importantly clean! I really like the fresh line and I'm eager to try out more of their products, especially the Rose Face Mask


Once a week I will exfoliate to get rid of the dead skin build-up to prevent any pores from clogging up. I've never liked using the exfoliants that has grains or sand particles because it feels like I'm using sand paper, whats more is I don't find it effective in the least. Chemical exfoliants are great, they are typically a gel-like consistency, but as you massage into your skin, you will feel and see little specks forming, this is your dead skin! The best way to describe the texture is when you played with PVA glue as a child and you pick it off and roll it up and it's a little tacky ball?! I'm currently using the Pure Revival Peel from SkinInc. In the past I've tried Cure's Aqua Gel which is equally good.   


This Nature Republic Bamboo Charcoal Nose Pack is a 2-stage process designed to extract and clear up blackheads. The first stage is a toner which is designed to loosen up the 'dirt' in your pores to make the 2nd stage easier. The next step is a charcoal clay like 'mask' which dries up, you can then peel it off like a normal nose strip. It's gross and satisfying at the same time to see your blackheads stuck to the strip. If you've extracted blackheads before you know that the roots are white, and against the dark grey nose strip it's so mesmerising to see how many blackheads are stuck to the strip. 


As my current environment is relatively humid and is only going to get increasingly so I've been using this Blue Herbal Moisturiser from Kiehl's

Inspired by Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion®
Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment with Extracts of Cinnamon Bark and Ginger Root
Reduces appearance of pores
Helps prevent new acne blemishes from forming
Not tested on animals

I don't have acne, but like everyone else I do get blemishes from time to time. This moisturiser is light-weight and refreshing. In comparison to 'mattifying'  products I've used in the past I don't find that my pores feel 'clogged-up' after application. Salicylic acid is a well-known ingredient to fight blemishes, and I have definitely noticed a general improvement and will continue to use this as my daily morning moisturiser. 

I use sunscreen religiously now that I'm in Hong Kong. UVA rays aren't visible, so even when it looks gloomy and cloudy outside the sun is still causing damage to your skin. I love this sunscreen from Kiehls, one of my biggest skin concerns is looking greasy or shiny. I find that sunscreen's are normally thick in consistency and leave a 'hi-shine' finish on the skin. However this sunscreen from Kiehl's is true to it's word - lightweight! It does leave a nice dewy glow, but nothing to cause concern. 


One of the best ways to maintain healthy skin is through moisture; regardless of your skin type, be it oily, sensitive, combination or dry. The cause of oily skin is dry skin, I know it doesn't make sense. People with oily skin have over-active oil glands, and these glands are over-active because they're over compensating for the dry condition of the skin. Using products use as facial oils and hydration masks are great methods to balance out your skin. If you are concerned with looking shiny or greasy, you can try these treatments in the evening before sleep. This way you can fully hydrate your skin without being concerned of your appearance. Moisture packs are also great to reduce the appearance of pores, I was taught this tip by a professional beautician, so I give this advice with 100% confidence. Normally after using the pore pack I will use a moisturising mask or serum to 'close-up' my pores. I personally like using rice or oat infused products, these ingredients are effective but doesn't aggravate my sensitive skin. I've been using this Rice Mask from Skin Food for years, it's an oldie, but a goody! 

I hope you've enjoyed this in-sight into my skin regime, I hope it's been helpful and interesting for you guys to read! What are your favourite products to use? I'd love to know! 


Sunday, 19 April 2015

Raw Edges

Shirts are a must have in my wardrobe, ranging in textures, colours and styles; you can guarantee there's something for ever occasion,  I love the versatility! Given the recent heatwave this has been my favourite go-to combination. I leave the buttons undone quite low down to elongate the neckline, this is also a great chance to add some dainty layering pieces if you wish. I've been living in these relaxed Mom fit cut-offs, I usually prefer fitted bottoms, however due to the humidity I've started to appreciate a looser fit so that my clothes don't stick to me in the heat (worst feeling ever!) 

I've always wondered why people in Hong-Kong basically live in trainers or flip-flops, seriously these are all you'll ever see them in! However I've now learnt to understand their footwear choices, living in Hong-Kong is hectic and busy 24/7 - convenience and comfort is a no.1 priority. These sliders have been my go-to whilst running around; they're simplistic and comfortable and the colour goes with everything!

As the whole look is quite casual and relaxed I decided to dig out my 2jour bag which is a gorgeous royal blue and very structured in style; a great contrast to the rest of the outfit. This colour was featured in the Fendi A/W '12 campaign and it's a great investment piece. The style is suitable at all ages and it's a piece I can see myself carrying into the future. The 2jour has been seen famous fashionistas such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Olivia Palermo & Chiara Ferragni - the monogram tag is a nice personalised touch and I can't wait to get my done when I get round to it 😜

New Look Shirt. New Look Shorts. Pull & Bear Sliders. Fendi 2jour.  


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Brand Lust

Self-Portrait is a London based brand launched in 2013 by Malaysia born Han Chong, check out his interview with Elle here. An exquisite range of intricate yet simplistic pieces; inspired by street style and experimenting with the unexpected, the brand is clean cut and effortlessly beautiful. 
This is a great new brand to shop from for all those special occasions; be it prom, functions or even weddings! Experiment and don't stick to traditional, these price points are easily comparable to any prom dress or function pieces. However it'll be a safe bet that they are truly unique in design and in a sense a work of art in themselves. 

The Spring 15 Collection is available for pre-oder now on their website. 
This brand is also easily accessible from the following stockists:

I've put together some of my favourites from the collection below, I hope you enjoy! 

'Nude of the Flesh'

'Spring Blooms'

'Dark Matter'


Sunday, 12 April 2015

Earth Tones

The weather in Hong Kong has been all over the place this past week; being 30°C one day and dropping down to 16°C another. A lightweight camisole is perfect for the humidity and sudden weather changes. Throwing on a longline cardigan creates a soft flow and adds movement to the outfit. Although the main pieces are black, I played with the accessories and settled on an earth tone theme. The khaki cardi and beige/nude heels are a great compliment to each other and throwing in the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag is a great dimension mixer with it's chequered brown tone pattern. The red lining is eye catching and a unusual contrast to the rest of the outfit. 
Kept it uncomplicated for a carefree day. 

Topshop Camisole. Topshop Leigh Jeans. Topshop Khaki Cardigan. Gianvito Rossi Vamp Heels. Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM.


Sunday, 5 April 2015

Dungaree Dreams

Every time I wear dungarees I think back to my childhood, back then they were a wardrobe staple in my everyday life. I have fond memories running around in the garden getting up to no good, and when I wear them now that carefree feeling comes flooding back. 
These dungarees from Topshop are oversized and quite shapeless, I've paired them with some heels to elongate the body and to add a sense of sophistication to the look. Dungarees are making a huge comeback this season with a vast range available on the high street and denim specialists such as Paige Denim and JBrand jeans; invest in a pair, they're going to be around for a while!  

New Look Shirt. Topshop Dungarees. Zara Shoes. Longines Watch, Jade Bangle.


Thursday, 2 April 2015

Festival Style!

The music festival scene has always full of life and fashionably diverse; with the season fast approaching, I've created four looks that vary in style and price ranges, there's something for everyone! 

 'I Woke Up Like This' 
Haute Hippie Top £175. Ksubi Shorts £133. Ray Ban Aviator Arista Gold Brown (price varies). Calvin Klein Reggie Loafers £191.67.

This outfit is for the girls that look effortlessly chic without even trying. With an interesting print and dip-dye pattern on the top, paired with some distressed denim shorts, it's perfect for partying throughout the night till the following morning. The sunglasses have a pink-brown lens with a mirrored finish, to hide that smudged mascara and potential panda eyes. These Clavin Klein Loafers are a classic and can be worked into other outfits, most importantly they wont fall off your feet! (why do people lose shoes at festivals?!)

'Tribal Queen'
Pyrus Embellished Top £205. Miss Selfridge Beaded Shorts £65. Accessorize Woven Bag £22. ASOS Bang Bang Festival Hair Crown £15. 

For those that love colour, beading and embellishments; you can have it all! This outfit has clashing colours that you may not normally wear and seen put together, but for this look, it totally works! The varying textures, prints and embellishments are all eye catching in their own way, and together they seriously amp up the volume! What Queen can be without her crown? Don't forget to add the finishing touches like this Bang Bang Festival Hair Crown from ASOS, a fitting name don't you think?
Zara Embroidered Tunic £35.99. ASOS Felt Fedora £22. Topshop Figree Gladiator Sandals £52.
I've stuck with monochrome for this outfit and decided to focus on those all important little details instead. The embroidery on this Zara tunic runs through the sleeves and down the front of the dress and is adorned with these adorable tassels, no need for a necklace! This ties in nicely with the hamsa hand chain that adorns this ASOS Fedora. Jazz things up with these knee high lace-up gladiator sandals from Topshop for that extra something.

'Nature Loving'

H&M Dress £39.99. Monki Edda Rings £5. Essie 'Picked Perfect' $8.50. Glamorous Khaki Fringe Sandals £25. Baublebar Pyramid Spike Y-Chain $48. ASOS Skinny Waist & Hip Belt £6. Stradivarius Mosaic Print Scarf £15.99. MISAKI (IV) Peach Brown & Cream Floral Headband - Etsy - £10.20.

The key piece and inspiration for this outfit is this beautiful Floral headband from MISAKI (Etsy). I love the colour scheme and decided to orientate everything else around it. You have your rich burnt reds and pinky browns to soft muted creams. This dress from H&M is one solid colour which makes it easier to accessorise; rose gold and gold accessories work well with each other playing off their different tones.  
I hope this was helpful and inspiring for you all! 
Have fun and stay safe

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