Sunday, 30 November 2014

First stop, Venice!

Venice is famous for many things, other than being known as the 'City on Water', it is also known notoriously for their craftsmanship of beautiful Venetian masks. The Venice Carnival is an annual event in celebration of this art; unfortunately our visit to the City was not during this celebration. However there were many stores located throughout the city with beautiful displays. 

I wish England had chalk drawings like these in their Disney stores!

Dinner timee :D



Remember back in August when I talked about my birthday surprise? It's timeee! 

Despite it being amidst winter, we still had a beautiful view with blue-ish skies and sunshine :)  

Not wanting to be 'stranded' in Venice we opted to stay in Mestre; a town situated just 10 minutes away via train. It was more convenient  to have access to a larger selection of restaurants and transportation links, which enabled us the choice of visiting other cities during our short trip. 

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